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Special Events

Summer Institute 2017!

Slavic and Eurasian Language Pedagogy, Research & Testing 

The Duke Slavic and Eurasian Resource Center will host a summer institute from July 12-16th for instructors and language program coordinators in Slavic and Eurasian Languages

Click here for additional details.

Slavic and Eurasian Winter Forum!!

Click Here for a Downloadable Program


February 5th at 5:30pm:  Ambassador Jack F. Matlock Lecture:  "The Importance of Russian Studies in International Relations." To be held in Room 217, 2nd Floor, Perkins Library.  


February 6th:  Roundtable Discussions looking at a range of different topics.  To be held in E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter Conference Room (Room 249), 2nd floor, Rubenstein Library.

10am: "Social Science Research in the Slavic and Eurasian Context”  

  • Dr. Edna Andrews, “Brain, Language and Culture” 
  • Dr. Charles Becker“Prenatal Health in Eurasia.

10:50am: "Modernity, Public Policy & Legal Issues in 20th and 21st Century Russia"   

  • Dr. Anna Krylova will be “Imaging Socialism in the Twentieth Century,” 
  • Dr. Ellen Mickiewicz will be looking at "the Voices of Russia’s Future Leaders” 
  • Michael Newcity, J.D, will talk about “the Vodka Wars.

1:20pm: “Ethnicity & National Identity in Central Europe and Eurasia”  

  • Dr. Beth Holmgren, “The Jewishness of Modern Polish Culture” 
  • Dr. Mustafa Tuna, “Ethnicity go Intelligentsia and Conceptualizing of the Idea of Intelligentsia,” 
  • with Dr. Malachi Hacohen as a discussant.

2:30pm: “Slavic and Eurasian Studies in the International Context.”  

  • Visiting Professor, Dana Cojocaru, will present on “Russian and Slavic Studies in Romania” 
  • Susan Pratt of Duke Global Education will explain “Duke’s Unique Presence Abroad."

Open House:  Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies - 10/7/15 

Open House with refreshments from 4:30-5:30pm in 320 Languages 

Click here for more information

Study Abroad "Duke in Russia" Meeting - 9/14/15

General interest meeting in 114B Languages Building at 4:30pm.  

Click here for more information on Study Abroad


Ambassador Jack F. Matlock Lecture:

The Iran Nuclear Agreement and American Diplomacy

When: Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Where:  5:00-6:30pm in White Lecture Hall

New Materials

NEW!  "Dealing with Russia:  Advice to the Next President"

Click here to view  - Lecture by Ambassador Jack F. Matlock

Wymysorys Grammar

A descriptive grammar of contemporary spoken Wymysorys in Wilamowice.

Reading for Advanced Russian Students is Live! 

- A sample of contemporary Russian short-form literature with annotations and exercises.

Click Here to view

Jack Matlock, the former US Ambassador to the USSR from 1987 to 1991, gives an address at the Union League Club of Chicago titled, Russia Under Putin: How to Work With Him.

Click Here to view 

Columbia University's Harriman Institute interviews Ambassador Jack F. Matlock as part of their series "Conversations with Diplomats"

- Click Here to view the Interview 

Slavic and Eurasian Winter Forum: Papers by Dr. Edna Andrews and Dr. Charles Becker

Click here to read the following articles:

  • Multilingualism and fMRI: Longitudinal Study of Second Language Acquisition
  • Is High-Tech Care in a Middle Income Country Worth It? Evidence from Perinatal Centers in Russia

Valdai Discussion Club 2015

Panel Discussion with President Vladimir Putin and Ambassador Jack Matlock at Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi:

Languages of the World

Series of lectures recorded at Duke University inviting presenters to talk about their native language, including its sociocultural context.  This offers students a comprehensive perspective on the languages presented.  These new materials can be found here.

Ukrainian Assessments and Reading Modules

Computer-graded grammar and reading assessments; and intermediate/advanced level reading comprehension materials to be used for self study or as part of a class.  These new materials can be found here

Ukraine Guide

The Duke Library has produced a resource to answer basic questions about Ukraine as the current crisis unfolds.  It can be found here.


Hindi Language and Culture Materials

Through a joint effort with North Carolina State University, SEELRC is promoting the first in a series of language & culture modules on Hindi.

August 2017