Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

           Bennett College/Duke University Multiculturalism Series:

                                       Diversity and Inclusion 

                                             (August 4, 2015) 

1.Edna Andrews, Professor of Linguistics & Cultural Anthropology, "When Speech Acts Go Wrong: How to Move Forward in Response to Unfriendly Discourse." 

2.Janie Long, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & former Director of the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, "Beyond the Binaries: Considerations of Sexual and Gender Diversity" 

3.Jan Riggsbee, Professor, Program in Education, "The Role of Global Citizenship and Cultural Competence in Preparing Teachers for 21st Century Schools." 

4.Lee Baker, Professor of Anthropology, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Remarks on the Importance of Understanding Diversity. 

5.Michael Newcity, Deputy Director CSEEES and Adjunct Professor of Linguistics & SES, "Hate Speech and the Law in an Academic Context: The Legal Perspective." 

6.Adam Hollowell, Director of Student Ministry (Duke Chapel) and Adjunct Professor of Public Policy, "Interfaith Approaches to Religious Diversity."