Zeljko Boskovic

Željko Bošković (Ph.D. University of Connecticut, 1995) <zeljko.boskovic@uconn.edu> is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Connecticut. He is the author of The Syntax of Nonfinite Complementation: An Economy Approach (MIT Press, 1997), On the Nature of the Syntax-Phonology Interface: Cliticization and Related Phenomena (Elsevier, 2001), and Minimalist Syntax: The essential readings (with H. Lasnik, Blackwell 2007). He has also published articles in a number of journals, including Linguistic Inquiry, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Lingua, and Syntax. He has supervised, or is in the process of supervising, over 30 Ph.D. dissertations.

Glossos Contributions

"Wh-Phrases and Wh-Movement in Slavic" in Issue 10