Issue 6

Issue 6: Fall 2005

This volume of Glossos contains a sampling of papers from the "Perspectives on Slavistics" international conference of the Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Association held at the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium in September 2004. This volume was edited by Laura Janda, with the assistance of guest editors Maya Bringe and Nicholas LeBlanc, and further assistance from Aleksandar Carapic.

Infinitive is Difficult to Lose: What Governs Variation of Complements in Unique Control in Serbian
Bojan Belic (University of Washington, Seattle)

Vz'amsi, Sotsi, and the Role of Hierarchy in Morphological Variations
Hakjung Jung (Ph.D. student, Harvard University)
Towards a Theory of Conversion in Slavic: Evidence from Bulgarian, Russian and Serbo-Croatian
Stela Manova (University of Vienna)
Prototypicality and the Concept of Phoneme
Milvia Machata and Zrinka Jelaska (University of Zagreb)
Polish demonstrative pronouns as "markers of value"
Imke Mendoza (University of Munich, Germany)

Current relevance in Croatian: a cognitive account
Mateusz-Milan Stanojevic and Renata Geld (University of Zagreb)