David K. Hart

David K. Hart (Ph.D.) (david_hart@byu.edu); Professor of Russian at Brigham Young University. Publications include:"Cognitive Events in the Development of the Russian Suppletive Pair god - leto 'year'", (Journal of Slavic Linguistics, to appear). Leveraging Your Russian with Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes, (with Gary Browning and Raisa Solovyova, Bloomington: Slavica, 2001); "Traces of English Stress Parameters in the Russian of English Speakers", (Slavic and East European Journal, 1998, 268-282); Topics in the Structure of Russian. (Columbus: Slavica, 1996); "An Assessment of Testing Variables in Non-native Russian Stress Placement", (Slavic East European Journal, 1994, 479-492). Research Interests: Cognitive semantics, historical linguistics and Russian phonology and accentuation

Glossos Contributions

The Semantic Development of the Cognates Russian komnata'room' - English chimney in Issue 7