Contemporary Russian Through Documentary Film I: Russian language and culture in documentary films on Putin, Yeltsin, and other cultural and political figures. These materials include extensive glossaries, cultural notes, and computer-graded reading comprehension questions. Recommended for intermediate and advanced students.

Contemporary Russian Through Documentary Film II: Russian language and culture in documentary films by prominent thinkers in Russia. These materials include extensive glossaries, cultural notes, and computer-graded reading comprehension questions. Recommended for intermediate and advanced students.

Reference Grammars: A set of parallel grammars of the languages of our world region. Each grammar has been written by world experts on that language, and is indexed for instantaneous comparison of semantic fields across languages. Supplementary, self-grading exercises for advanced-level users accompany each grammar. Additionally, individual grammars can be downloaded for offline use. The Czech, Macedonian, Russian (with exercises) and Polish grammars are currently available online, with Romanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, and Georgian available soon.

A Study of Aleksandra Marinina's "ПОСМЕРТНЫЙ ОБРАЗ": Aleksandr Viktorov presents exercises for a literary analysis of Marinina's crucial work with additional materials to accompany the film of the same name.

A Study of Liliana Lungina's "Подстрочник" Elena Koshkarova presents exercises for a literary analysis of Lungina's work.

Readings for Advanced Students of Russian: The readings here comprise a sample of contemporary Russian short-form literature. Each reading is accompanied by comprehensive annotations to the text and exercises which challenge the user's textual, semantic, and grammatical comprehension of the materials.

Russian Grammatical Dictionary: A searchable database of full word paradigms with native-speaker examples for each inflection. Each entry includes an English gloss and detailed annotation for semantics and pronunciation variants. The Grammatical Dictionary for Russian is available, with over 10,000 headwords.

Russian Language and Culture Through Film: An innovative project to teach language and culture to advanced-level students. This project integrates film clips, full transcript, embedded dictionary, and live, online exercises. Instructors can track student progress and answers through a robust reporting system.  The Russian language version is currently available and a supplement on the Russian Avant Garde is under development. Language and Culture Through Film is available online as well as through a four-CD standalone version. Please contact us at for more information.  For a full demo, please click here.

Ukrainian Assessments and Reading Modules: Computer-graded grammar and reading assessments; and intermediate/advanced level reading comprehension materials to be used for self study or as part of a class

Albanian-English Dictionary: An online version of the Oxford Albanian-English Dictionary by Leonard Newmark.

Uzbek language materials: by Zumrad Ahmedjanova. Brief grammatical sketches of Uzbek, partnered with extensive oral and written exercises using authentic, contemporary Uzbek.

Glossos: A peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing original, independent research in languages and linguistics. In addition to publishing articles devoted to any of the world's languages, Glossos also exists to provide an avenue of publication for articles based on SEELRC research projects. In this way, Glossos is devoted to the specific needs of Slavic and East European language instructors and learners, as well as the applied and theoretical linguistics communities.

DukeSEELRC YouTube: A YouTube channel dedicated to hosting videos of SEELRC sponsored events 

Virtual Petersburg: Tour St. Petersburg, virtually! Explore hundreds of photos and virtual reality panoramic movies of St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Narva, and more!