Submission Guidelines

Technical Notes

Submitted texts which employ non-Latin characters require special attention. Such documents should be written using an operating system's standard set of foreign-language fonts, and "homebrew" fonts should be avoided unless there is a compelling reason for their inclusion (e.g. historical scripts, or non-standard, illustrative orthographies). All occurrences of such non-standard foreign language fonts should be flagged (for Glossos editors) at the time of submission and may require additional adjustment.

File Format: Acceptable formats for submission include Microsoft Word, HTML, and ASCII/Unicode plaintext. In addition, all texts must be accompanied by a hard copy or a printable representation of the document. PostScript, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), or any standard image file are acceptable, as are faxed and mailed copies.

 If in doubt, please email to discuss submission options.


The following formatting standards should be observed for all Glossos articles. Glossos editors and technical staff reserve the right to reformat and re-style submissions.

  • Font: Times New Roman ; 12 point size
  • Paragraphs separated by indentation, not line breaks
  • Text alignment: full justification
  • Line spacing: 1.5 throughout, except for bibliography and examples (if necessary)
  • Bibliography single spaced with .5" hanging indent
  • Margins: 1.25 inch left and right. Top and bottom margins should be set to 1 inch
  • Page formatted for 8.5 X 11" US standard

Tables and Figures

Tables should not be created using tabs and spaces, but with the 'table' function (or similar) built into most word processing programs. Figures should be sent both in the body of the article and as a separate attachment.


Bibliographic entries can be in any standard format. All entries should include transliterations of non-Latin titles.

Authors should be particularly careful when including URLs (web addresses) in their documents. If a web address refers only to the website and not specific content, it is acceptable to include the URL in the body of the article. The address must be permanent and non-expiring. However, any time a URL is used to refer to specific content, the author should create a bibliographic entry indicating the date the content was retrieved. The author should then place a brief citation in the body of the text as with any other reference. Due to the volatility of website content, authors are strongly encouraged to include excerpts of that content in their articles.

Author Biography

A brief biography should accompany the article. It should should include: name, degree and institution, e-mail address, current position(s) held, major publications, and research interests.


All electronic submissions should be sent via email attachment to Please specify in the body of the email the document's format (e.g. Word98 for Macintosh).

All paper correspondence should be directed to:

Duke University
316 Languages Building
PO Box 90259
Durham, NC 27708
Fax: (919) 660-3188


By submitting an article or other work to Glossos, the author grants to the Slavic and East European Language Resource Center ("SEELRC") the exclusive right first to publish that work in the electronic or print edition of Glossos. The author also grants to SEELRC the non-exclusive right to re-publish that work in translation, digest, or abridged form or other derivative form in electronic or print publications.

Please e-mail us at if you have questions or comments regarding the submission process.