Readings II for Advanced Russian Students

The readings here comprise a sample of contemporary and classic Russian short-form literature. Each reading is accompanied by comprehensive annotations to the text and exercises which challenge the user's textual, semantic, and grammatical comprehension of the materials. 

How To Use

These materials were developed to be used both in a classroom setting or for self-study. Due to copyright, we cannot host the source texts here, however, we do provide users with a link -- the title of the work -- to the text on the open internet. In some cases, users will need to scroll down those pages to find the full text.  Please note that every attempt will be made to ensure that links are valid. However, users may find it necessary to independently search for the author's name and title of the work in some cases. 

The "Text annotations and study questions" for each work are accompanied by an answer key, both in .pdf format. Users may find it useful to have the original text, annotations, and answer key open simultaneously. This can be accomplished by holding down the "ctrl" key ("command" key on Macintosh) while clicking the link.

Быков / Bykov

Гаврилов / Gavrilov

Добычин / Dobychin

Драгунский / Dragunskiy

Жолковский / Zholkovskiy

Корионов / Korionov

Куприн / Kuprin

Набоков / Nabokov

Пелевин / Pelevin

Токарева / Tokareva

Улицкая / Ulitskaya

Цыпкин / Tsypkin

Чехов / Chekhov

Яковлев / Yakovlev