Edna Andrews

Edna Andrews (Ph.D. Indiana University) <eda@duke.edu> is Professor of Slavic Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. She is the Director of the Slavic and East European Language Resource Center as well as a Co-Director for the Duke University Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies. Professor Andrews also holds an Honorary Doctorate (1991) from St. Petersburg State University in Russia. Major publications include: Conversations with Lotman: The Implications of Cultural Semiotics in Language, Literature, and Cognition (2001); The Semantics of Suffixation in Russian (1996); A Calculus of Meaning: Studies in Markedness, Distinctive Features & Deixis (1996); and О синтетизме, математике и прочем... (1994). Her current research is on language, brain, and culture.

Glossos Contributions

Glossos Co-Editor

Guest Editor for Issue 2

"The Role of Semiotics in the Study of Language, Linguistics and Communication: An Overview" in Issue 8

"Cross-cultural linguistic realizations of conceptualizations of anger: Revisiting cognitive and pragmatic paradigms" in Issue 9

Revisiting Spoken and Musical Phonemic Production and Comprehension in Issue 11