Helena Leheckova

Helena Lehečková (Ph.D. Charles University, Prague) <helena.leheckova@helsinki.fi> worked for 11 years as a lecturer in the Department of General Linguistics and Phonetics in Prague, and since 1986 she has been docent (reader) in Czech philology in the Department of Slavonic and Baltic Languages and Literatures at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests are broad and interdisciplinary. She has introduced neurolinguistics into Czech (e.g. Afázie, 1997). She is a member of the Academy of Aphasia and of the Aphasia Committee of the IALP. She has been publishing in prestigious journals (e.g. Brain and Language, Journal of Neurolinguistics, Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics), taken part in international research projects (e.g. Manifestations of aphasic symptoms in different languages, Psycholinguistic studies of typologically different languages, Neurogenic language disorders in children) and lectured at international conferences all over the world. In the domain of Slavonic studies she has been doing comparative studies of Slavonic languages, often contrasting them with typologically different languages (e.g. Fenno-Ugric or Germanic ones). She has written the first textbooks of Czech for Finnish and Swedish speakers (Tšekkiä suomalaisille, 1989, 1995 and Grundkurs i tjeckiska, 1991). Currently she has been working on a contrastive grammar based on comparison with Finnish. Her publications also include a book (Tšekin kielimuodot, 1995) and several articles on language varieties. 

Glossos Contributions

"Slavonic versus Finno-Ugric languages: On missing categories in grammar and cognition" in Issue 4