Stephen M. Dickey

Stephen M. Dickey (Ph.D. Indiana University) (; Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Kansas. He teaches Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and Slavic Linguistics at KU, and was one of the co-founders of the Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Association and is its current president. Recent publications include: Parameters of Slavic Aspect: A Cognitive Approach (CSLI, 2000), and "S-/Z- and the Grammaticalization of Slavic Aspect," in Slovene Linguistic Studies 5: 3-55. His current research focuses on Slavic verbal aspect from a cognitive linguistic perspective, and he is working on a comparative cross-Slavic history of the aspect category entitled The Evolution of Slavic Aspect.

Glossos Contributions

Aspectual Pairs, Goal Orientation and PO- Delimitatives in Russian in Issue 7