Tore Nesset

Tore Nesset ( University of Oslo) <tore.nesset@hum.uit.no; is Professor of Russian Linguistics and affiliate of the Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics (CASTL) at the University of Tromsø, Norway. He is the author of the monographs Russian Stress (1994) and Russian Conjugation Revisited (1998). His scholarly articles include: Allomorphy in the Usage-Based Model: The Russian Past Passive Participle, to appear in Cognitive Linguistics; The Assignment of Gender and Declension to Russian Nouns in Soft Consonants: Predictability and Rule Interaction, to appear in Journal of Slavic Linguistics; Gender Assignment in Ukrainian: Language Specific Rules and Universal Principles, Poljarnyj Vestnik 6 (2003); Morphological Splits � Iconicity, Optimality and (Inverse) Doughnuts, in S. Bendjaballah/W.U. Dressler/O.E. Pfeiffer/M.D. Voeikova (eds.): Morphology 2000, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins (2002, coauthored with Hans-Olav Enger); How pervasive are sexist ideologies in grammar?, in R. Dirven/E. Sandikcioglu/B. Hawkins (eds.): Language & Ideology: Cognitive Theoretical Approaches,Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2001 pp. 197-227; and Iconicity and Prototypes: A New Perspective on Russian Verbs of Motion, Scando-Slavica 46 (2000). His research interests include Russian morphology and phonology, cognitive linguistics and Optimality Theory.

Glossos Contributions

"Introduction" in Issue 5

"Case Assignment in Russian Temporal Adverbials: an Image Schematic Approach" in Issue 5