George Rubinstein

George Rubinstein (Ph.D. Moscow Language University) <> is Fellow of the Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. His publications are on foreign language acquisition, syntax and semantics. His major publications include: English for Adults (Moscow,1967 - in collaboration); Speak Everyday English (Moscow,1967 - in collaboration); Russian Basic Course (Modules I-X, DLI, 1993 - in collaboration); "On Acquisition of Russian Cases by American Classroom Learners" (IRAL, 1995); "Subject Expression in Infinitive Clauses of Comparison" (Russian Linguistics, 1989); "Subjective Dative in Russian Infinitival Clauses of Purpose" (SEEJ, 1986); "Asymmetry of Syntactic Properties of Russian Names for Parts of Day" (Glossos, 2001); "On the Conceptualization of Time Spans in Russian" (Glossos, Winter 2002); "On the Metaphorical Representation of Time Spans in Russian" (Glossos, Spring 2002);On Russian Sound Names (Glossos, Spring 2003) His current research is on syntax and semantics.

Glossos Contributions

"Асимметрия синтаксических свойств русских названий частей суток" in Issue 1

"О концептуализации отрезков времени в русском языке" in Issue 2

"О метафорическом представлении отрезков времени в русском языке" in Issue 3

"О звуковых именах в русском языке" in Issue 4

On Conceptualization of Russian Motion Nouns in Issue 7